Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Nice to meet you!

Hello blogger world!  My name is Lisa Rice.  I live in a suburb of Portland, Oregon with my hunky husband Wes and adorable baby Lucy.  I recently decided to start blogging about two of my favorite hobbies...home design and planning activities.  Because I do most of my home design and activity planning on a budget, my blogs will give you thrifty tips to have fun and live stylishly.

Since I was a kid I have LOVED home design.  When other kids were reading comic books I was looking at and drawing up house plans.  As a kid I would ask my mom to take me through open houses.  When I finally bought my first house I about drove my husband crazy with home projects.  For our first Christmas in the house I surprised my husband with a painted red living room when he got home from work.  I kept it painted though Valentine's day, then it was time for a change again.  I have slowed down a bit with the painting projects...but still love them!

As for planning activities, my interest in that started a bit later.  After Wes and I got married, I was always looking for free or inexpensive things for us to do.  I ended up getting a job planning activities for young adults with disabilities and currently work as an activity director at a senior center.  

Thanks for reading and there will be more posts coming soon!


  1. yay! welcome to blogland!
    - kristi

  2. Hey Lisa! I'm excited to get some good and thrifty tips for home design. Cool blog!