Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My husband "rocks!"

 When Wes and I first started dating he worked at Cinnabon.  He would give me free boxes of Cinnabons.  I'm not saying I started dating him because I like dessert, but it definitly "sweetened" the deal.  Later on he worked at a granite shop...this really sweetened the deal.

I learned that most granite shops have granite remnants and scraps.  If you have a small project call up a local granite shop and see if they have a remnants you could use.  This will save you a ton of dinero.  Another tip is to ask if they have a dumpster of granite scraps.  This should be free.  I have used the scraps for landscaping my yard.

York Stone (Yorkstone) stepping stones
To sum up, if you are looking for a mate find someone in the granite field.  If you can't find someone there...go to Cinnabon.  


  1. Great idea Lisa...I have done the same thing....another great idea that I have done with the smaller granite scraps, is to take some clear tealight holders and attach them to the granite. I then also take some felt feet and attach those to the bottom...When you light the candles..it really reflects off the granite..and it makes a great gift :)

  2. Great idea Leta! I will have to try that.