Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Back on track

Because we finally got some sunshine in August and September here in Oregon, I've been out enjoying the weather and haven't written a blog for awhile.  But now it's raining again and I am back on track!

My big project for this fall is changing the living room.  It is the room we spend the most time in (TV/food nearby) and the room that I like the least (saggy/ripped couch, boring fireplace).  I'm also ready for a color change, we have a lot of green going on.  

As always, I will be doing this remodel for as little money as possible.  My tip for this blog is to look around your house...what do you not like or use?  Sell those things on craigslist and use that money for what you want.  We just sold some furniture we didn't use and now we have enough money for a new sofa.

There will be some awesome before and after pictures posted soon....as long as I can stay on track.

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