Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Cheese themed parties

My friends and I love our theme parties.  Last year for all our birthdays we had a color theme.  The birthday girl would pick a color and all the food for the party had to be that color.  Carrie chose orange, Kaela chose blue, Alyssa chose yellow, Jenny chose red, I chose white.  (I only chose white because I wanted something cheesy.)  They made me white sauce cheesy enchiladas, white bean salad, white corn tortilla chips, and coconut cake.

This year my friend Jenny came up with the idea of picking a country for our birthday theme.  Carrie's birthday came first, she chose Vietnam.  We have never had or made Vietnamese food before, so we decided to get take out (Carrie has a sophisticated palate and would know if we made it wrong).

Kaela's birthday is next.  She chose Greece and I do know how to make some "greasy" food.  Kidding...we made spanakopita, lots of veggies, baklava, and we had an olive tasting.

 Alyssa had her birthday last month, she chose France.  We ate French bread and croissant sandwiches, fruit, and had an Eiffel tower cookie cake.


We are celebrating my birthday next week.  I'm thinking that I'll choose Germany...mostly because I am hoping for cheese fondue.

So the next time you through a party, think about choosing a theme.  It's a fun way to branch out and try something new.

We already have some theme ideas for next year.  We have talked about doing a children's birthday theme...like rollerskating or slumber party.  The only problem for me is wondering how I can incorporate cheese into that theme.  I will let you know what we choose.