Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Pinterest Challenge - Week 12: Z Chair Story


This is a story about a Pinterest miracle.  Long long ago I pinned this chair from Z Gallerie.  I loved this chair and visited it in the store often, but much to my dismay it cost $999 and I could not bring it home...yet.
living room chair

Then last summer I pinned another picture of the same chair in an Oregon Street of Dreams home.
2012 NW Natural Street of Dreams - "The Oregon Dream" Just bought this chair!  : )

Then while browsing my other favorite website, Craigslist, I saw a listing for this exact chair from the builder in the Oregon Street of Dreams.  It was a fraction of the store cost and I was able to bring it home with me.  A Pinterest miracle!!!  The chair and I lived happily ever after!

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