Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Pinterest Challenge - Week 14: Audrey Hepburn Party

Last week we celebrated Alyssa's birthday...Audrey Hepburn style.  Actually it was Audrey Hepburn/Black+White/French style!  Ooh la la!  A classy party for a classy lady.

As you may have read in my Star Wars post or chick flick post, this year for my girlfriends birthday's we are choosing our favorite movie and making the party themed to whatever the birthday girl fancies!  Alyssa chose the movie "Sabrina."
The birthday girl!
Because Alyssa loves French breakfast foods, we did a breakfast menu.  On the menu were scrambled eggs, fruit, baguette sandwiches, and French pasteries.
Audrey Hepburn/Black&White/Paris table
For decor we used a lot of black and white.  We sprinkled French postcards around the table and hung a French map on the wall.  I found some Eiffel tower print-outs on Pinterest and made them into placecards.  We also put some Audrey Hepburn quotes on the table...she has a lot of great quotes!  Pinterest is a good place to find these.
We had the movie "Sabrina" playing in the background.  I turned down the volume on the TV and played the Fred Astaire station on Pandora.

I dressed Lucy up Audrey Hepburn style and my friends taught her how to pose!  Can you say "Toddlers in Tiaras?"

The poor girl better watch out or she'll end up like this in 30 years!

Audrey Hepburn quote

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  1. We had a fun time! Thanks for a very special party!

  2. Another fun, fab, French party for my fantastic friend! :)