Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Pinterest Challenge - Week 18: Hawaiian Teriyaki Chicken

With all the warm weather we are having this Spring I'm in the mood for some tropical food!  I found this crock-pot recipe on Pinterest, but it was originally posted on "Ring Around the Rosies."  This recipe makes two meals. And it is the perfect type of meal to bring to a friend who just had a baby or is under the weather.

Side note...did you know that May is National Luau month?  Aloha!

Hawaiian Teriyaki Chicken

-Medium bag of baby carrots
-Red onion cut into large chunks
-2 large cans of pineapple undrained
-4 garlic cloves
-4 chicken breasts
-1 cup teriyaki sauce

Split between two freezer bags, seal, mix, lay flat, and freeze (if you are not eating right away).

Directions for cooking:
Add additional 1/4 cup sauce to crock-pot.  Cook on low for 6-7 hours.  Serve over hot rice. (We didn't have any rice, so I used couscous)

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