Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Pinterest Challenge - Week 20: Jenny's "Chocolat" Party

Smarty pants Jenny really outdid herself when choosing bday movie theme!!!  She chose the movie "Chocolat."  Brilliant!  As you may have read, my girlfriends and I decided to let the birthday girl choose one of their favorite movies for this years birthday theme.

You can read about Carrie's "Star Wars" party here, Kaela's chick flick party here, Alyssa's "Sabrina" party here, or my "Blue Hawaii" party here.

I really think this was our best themed party yet...could it have something to do with all the chocolate?  YES!

DECOR + ATMOSPHERE:  We had a brown table cloth covered in different kinds of chocolate.  I once again used my Paris plates. There were brown puffs and lights hanging from the outdoor table, and we all wore brown.  Alyssa found a "chocolate" flower that actually smelled like chocolate!!!  We put that on the table.  We also played French music from Pandora since the movie took place in France.

Paris plates
Beautiful birthday girl!

FOOD:  We had crepes, Nutella, homemade chocolate sauce, chocolate covered strawberries, bananas, blueberries, almonds.  For drinks we had chocolate milk with whipping cream and chocolate wine.  Instead of birthday cake we did a chocolates of the world tasting!

Chocolates of the world
I ate so much chocolate that I couldn't fall asleep till 4:30am.  Was it worth it?  YOU BET!

I don't really think "Chocolat" is Jenny's favorite movie (she really loves scary movies) but I do think she knows how to pick a movie that will have a delicious theme!  If she chose a zombie or alien movie, I don't think the food would have been quite as appetizing!  Such a smart friend!  Happy birthday Jenny!


  1. Yum, yum, yum! One of my favorite movies, and an excellent idea for a themed party!

  2. Thanks Chelsea! I was SO glad she chose that theme! :)

  3. Well written, Lisa! I quite agree!