Saturday, February 1, 2014

The future is now!

As you may have read in past blogs, my girlfriends and I choose a theme for our birthdays each year. In the past we have done colors, countries, and movies.  This year we are choosing decades.

Kaela and Carrie decided to do their birthdays together this year and chose the future.  2040 more specifically and let me tell you the future looks bright!

The two birthday girls
What will the future look like...zombie apocalypse? Aliens?  Nuclear wasteland?  A combination of it all?  Perhaps.  Jenny using her noodle suggested that if China took over the world in the future we could eat delicious Chinese we went with that.  We are all about the food!  Especially since two of us are pregnant.

For the table we used foil for the runner, pages from a Chinese newspaper for under our plates, Chinese lanterns, and glow sticks.

We had a veggie noodle dish, tea, mango sorbet, and fortune cookies.

We also decided to do a time capsule that we can't open till 2040.  See you all in the future...unless the aliens aren't friendly.

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