Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Master Bath Remodel

In June we bought a new (old) house.  Around the time we put our old house on the market (last summer) I found this house and we went through it twice.  We loved the unique floor plan and the neighborhood, but the house needed a LOT of work.  The timing wasn't right with the sale of our old house and it went off the market shortly after.  I figured it wasn't meant to be, but I thought about this house ALL THE TIME.  In my head I would plan how I would fix it up.  Well...about 8 months later I decided to drive by the house...just because...and guess what!??  It had a "for sale" sign in the window!  I called the lady and she said she just put the sign in the window yesterday and she hasn't listed it yet.  We had an accepted offer that day with no competition from other buyers.  Amazing!  God is AMAZING!  He has perfect timing!

We have been working our little behinds off the past few months and we still have a lot of work left to do, but I thought I would show you a bit of the progress.  First up...the master bathroom.

Before - Dingy, dated, and depressing

What we did:
-Painted the walls (Sherwin Williams - Copen Blue)
-Painted all the woodwork/cabinet (Benjamin Moore - Cloud White)
-Replaced the hardware (Target)
-New sink and faucet
-New showerhead
-Granite countertops
-New light fixtures
-Painted the ceiling
-New toilet seat
-New outlets
-Added peel+stick tiles to the inside of the cabinet (Pinterest idea)
-New flooring (Evoke - Iris)
-New white trim
-Painted shelving in closet
-Took down the medicine cabinet
-New towel rack

Picture from glad we aren't in this stage anymore.