Monday, March 17, 2014

Goodbye Weeds

Our Saturday project was to say adios to the weeds in our side yard!  So long, see ya, arriverderci!
{Before - aka weed central}
Last summer we trimmed the tree, added a new front fence, and a shed.
Step one:  We mowed the lawn (weeds) low, then we sprayed the area.
Step two:  We covered the whole side yard with newspaper, yet another Pinterest idea.
Step three:  We used two yards of pea gravel to cover the area.

We also put in a garden box and planted five arborvitae.  Still on the agenda for the side yard...put in a small swing set, fill the garden box with dirt, get some edging for around the pea gravel.

There are still things to do, but not too shabby for a Saturday project!